Review: Sleeper's Run by Henry Mosquera

Goodreads Synopsis:

War on Terror veteran, Eric Caine, is found wandering the streets of Miami with no memory of the car accident that left him there. Alone and suffering from PTSD, Eric is on a one-way road to self-destruction. Then a chance meeting at a bar begins a series of events that helps Eric start anew. When his new job relocates him to Venezuela-the land of his childhood-things, however, take an ominous turn as a catastrophic event threatens the stability of the country. Now Eric must escape an elite team of CIA assassins as he tries to uncover an international conspiracy in which nothing is what it seems.

I really, really enjoyed this book. I'm not a big action movie fan but for some strange reason, I really enjoy a good action book from time to time.  What I appreciated about this book was that it wasn't just a cheap action novel with a lot of chase scenes and things blowing up ( although, there were a lot of chase scenes), it is a very smart and well researched book.

The main character Eric Cane is a really great "action hero" type character.  He  a tough cut throat military man that has been through a lot yet, he still has a heart and emotions. Nothing makes me angrier than  having an action hero character that does nothing but shoot and kill. Eric is strong and can kick ass in a minute but he is also really intelligent and knows how to think on his feet.

From page one the book really pulled me in and took me on an action roller coaster. I loved the fact that Mosquera included a strong female character like Trishina. Even though some of her choices are questionable she really is simply doing the best she can without seeming weak and I really appreciated that. I didn't mind the constant chase scenes because they were well pulled together and kept the pace of the story going strong.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was the graphic language ( be aware of that). I'm not sure if all of it was necessary but, if you like action in your stories and your an adult then don't be afraid to give this book  a shot!
Rating 4/5 Stars
Rated R~ Strong and graphic language, strong and graphic violence
Add it to your TBR Pile  

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