Book Bloggers and Publisher’s Online Conference 2012

OK ya'll when I read about this from another blogger I totally went into geek mode. I won't be able to attend the blogging conference in New York ( and was sad about it) but was totally excited when I learned about  the Book Bloggers and Publisher’s Online Conference 2012! The event takes place March 7th-11th 2012.

It is the third year that Paco Media Group is doing it and the scheduale looks crazy good. The topics that the conference includes are, how to turn your book blog into a business (this one is soooo for me!),building a relationship with publishers, how to approach authors and much, much more.

The cool thing is that it only cost $45 (plus $7-$10 if you want to receive books that they are giving away). That's not a bad price for all of this information. If you want to really put some extra swag  and determination into your book blag, then you might want to consider going.

As I've said before my funds are extremely limited but if I can  register for this I definitely will! You can check out the full scheduale and sign up  at Book Blogger and Publisher's Online Conference 2012.

*I paid for it the other day and will be attending. :)

What do you think about it and are you interested?


  1. Thanks so much for the post!
    We have always sent people away with more than the price of admission in books. Plus there are all of the contacts to be made. It is a great opportunity to step up as a professional and understand the industry and where it is going. Which at the moment is hotly debated.

    Thank you again and I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for your comment. I had just a few questions!

    Wow! I can't tell you how excited am I to see something like this online considering I can't travel this year. My funds are extremely limited right now and I really want to attend but I may not be able to sign up until the last minute.
    What is the last day to register and does everything take place online?

    Also, if I wanted to receive print titles for the giveaways is it $7-10 per shipping or as a whole and when is that payment taken out of my account?

    1. Basically we keep it simple. It is all online so you can register day of. We are loose on that. Some people register the week after and listen to the recordings then.

      For the giveaways on print books you make a payment directly to the person who is shipping them. Depending on how many books - hard cover etc - you will pay 7$ and up. Sometimes we have shipped out MASSIVE boxes and reported how much - also if the shipping is international. Otherwise there are plenty of ebooks.

      We have a good time!

    2. That sounds Great Terry.
      Thank you for the great info!

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  4. This sounds great! I will definitely be talking to my husband about it. I've been wanting to go to a conference but it would require driving over 1,000 miles. That's just not possible right now. Thanks for letting us know about this!! :)

  5. No problem Mary. :) It really does sound like a really good opportunity for those of us who can't travel. :)

  6. While I did have fun last time, I don't think I can afford it this time. Since I'm in Sweden the hours are crazy anyway for me, lol. Hope you have fun:)


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