Promotional Spotlight: Neon Lights by Zig Zag Claybourne

A 2-in-1 book following a struggling "serious" author who gets conned into writing a street book, and the hilarious intertwinings of the street book with his real life.
Three teens and a thirty-something stood opposite the store’s entrance. A cinderblock kept the door open. All three teens’ hands moved idly under their floppy shirts. Itchy bellies were epidemic in the black community, as well as sudden ass deflation (SAD—as evidenced by the pants hanging off asses). Droopy britches pooled at their knees like a Looney Toon squished by an anvil. Resigned to their condition until a telethon showed up, the boys held their faded pants precisely below ass-line, showing the necessary amount of boxer shorts to illustrate their righteous displeasure at the United States’ unwillingness to replace its outdated socio-economic system with a more agrarian, cooperative mode of commerce.
“Got that weed,” the one nearest the door mumbled as Bela and Barclay passed.

 Zig Zag Claybourne writes or has lewd thoughts about his wife, sometimes simultaneously. On a quest for world literary domination or supple book groupies. Believes writing has to be fun, writing has to be smart, and--above all else--the words had better do more than be words on a page. 



  1. Zig Zag is a writer after my own heart. I've now become his (semi) supple groupie. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

  2. Michelle, many baby-oily thanks! We shall slip and slide into literary Valhalla, you supple angel you!!!


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